Supercross Envy BLK

Supercross Envy BLK


De kleuren van de frames variëren sterk, er komen regelmatig nieuwe kleuren bij. Neem voor de huidige kleuren contact met ons op.

People ask is Carbon a “Fad”. It is the same type of people who asked if Aluminum was a fad. Look at the track today, 90% or more of all the race bikes are Aluminum. Carbon is the next level progression, and with the technology advancing as it has with the new Nano Alloy resins, High Modulus Weaves, High Compaction molding processes etc… You can see why Carbon is the direction everyone is headed.
When we first started working on our new Carbon Frame in 2007, we ended up choosing Aluminum, as the Tubing we were able to get from Easton® at the time allowed us to build a Lighter, Stiffer, and Faster frame with Aluminum. And with that, in 2009 we introduced the Supercross ENVY which has been the lightest production race frame in the world for the last 5 years and counting.
But times change, and the advancements in carbon materials and building technology have led us to produce the new ENVY BLK. It is the most advanced Supercross Frame built yet. From it’s High Modulus Carbon, the Low Void compaction, and Nano Alloy resins, it seriously uses Formula 1 and Fighter Jet Technology to build you a Superframe.
All the sheets of Torray T700s Pre-Preg Material is precision cut to exact shapes and then hand laid into our STEEL compression molds which hold our material forms in the 3d optimized shapes needed for the ultimate in strength and stiffness, all while allowing the compliant ride you are looking for to ensure powerful gate starts and ultra fast cranking for the 3rd and 4th pedals.

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